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How can I become a supplier for Piaxo?

Send a presentation and a short introduction to office@piaxo.ro

If I have a business proposal, but not the right infrastructure, can you help?

We have the right infrastructure to deliver complex projects and we are motivated to support the business community. We promote partnerships, including opening new companies where Piaxo can be a shareholder, for more transparency.

Do you invest in start-ups?

We have the right connections to promote or to invest in any potential start-up.

Do your products have CE certificates?

All our products come with CE certificates.

Can Piaxo produce complex industrial machines or production lines?

Yes, Piaxo as a complete integrator, supports its clients from design on a blank piece of paper, to production of special purpose machines, installation on client’s site and automation of the full process.

Can Piaxo cover other industries beside automotive?

Our experts have knowledge and experience with several industries, including specific processes.